Walnut Cutting Board

Grde planche noyer_0.jpg
Grde planche noyer_0.jpg

Walnut Cutting Board


Board in old massive walnut. Each piece is unique cause of the wood variations.

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Manufactured from a tree of character: the walnut-tree.

Exclusive piece for MWT, designed by Jules a mountain man, and manufactured in France by a specialist of kitchen blocks.
The wood is very hygienic, butchers always work with this.
Each piece is unique,the look of the wood varies from one board to another.
Board in old massive walnut,

Glue free,
Finished with vegetable oil
L 43 cm – l 24 cm, 1,3 kg, thickness 2,5 cm

Instructions to wash your boards :

- Clean after using tour board, with some cold water
- Regularly put some vegetable oil
- Let it dry
- No washing machine

Use one board for fruit, vegetables and an other one for meat, fish