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Oscar Wilde was the embodiment of dandyism and sharp wit in the Victorian age. Jardins D'écrivains interprets Wilde as a fragrance for aesthetes whose life`s work is to become what they are. Many thanks to Buchhandlung Bittner for the beautiful books.

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Jardins D’Écrivains is a house of fragrances inspired by the world of literature.Each of its creations interprets the work, the atmosphere of writing, or the existence of an author. Various literary movements are covered, as the Romantic period, the Beat Generation or the Baroque.

The olfactory development of this interpretation is subject of numerous investigations, in order to explore thoroughly and accurately the purpose.

Jardins D’Écrivains is a French company based in Paris, and benefits from a private Cabinet de Curiosités, located in Honfleur.

Jardins D’Écrivains was born of a real passion for the history of literature, his creations are for aesthetes searching for rare perfumes.